George James Cianciolo, PhD



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Associate Professor in Pathology
Department / Division:
Pathology / Pathology Research
302M/312MA Davison Bldg
Durham, NC 27710
Office Telephone:
(919) 684-8131
  • PhD, University of Miami, 1977
Representative Publications:
  • Anderson, RB; Cianciolo, GJ; Kennedy, MN; Pizzo, SV. Alpha 2-macroglobulin binds CpG oligodeoxynucleotides and enhances their immunostimulatory properties by a receptor-dependent mechanism. Journal of Leukocyte Biology. 2008;83:381-392.  Abstract
  • Kaczowka, SJ; Madding, LS; Epting, KL; Kelly, RM; Cianciolo, GJ; Pizzo, SV. Probing the stability of native and activated forms of alpha2-macroglobulin. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 2008;42:62-67.  Abstract
  • Bond, JE; Cianciolo, GJ; Pizzo, SV. Incorporation of low molecular weight molecules into alpha(2)-macroglobulin by nucleophilic exchange. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2007;357:433-438.  Abstract
  • Haraguchi, S; Day, NK; Kamchaisatian, W; Beigier-Pompadre, M; Stenger, S; Tangsinmankong, N; Sleasman, JW; Pizzo, SV; Cianciolo, GJ. LMP-420, a small-molecule inhibitor of TNF-alpha, reduces replication of HIV-1 and Mycobacterium tuberculosis in human cells. AIDS Research and Therapy. 2006;3:8.  Abstract
  • Wassmer, SC; Cianciolo, GJ; Combes, V; Grau, GE. Inhibition of endothelial activation: a new way to treat cerebral malaria?. PLoS Medicine. 2005;2:e245.  Abstract
  • Luangwedchakarn, V; Day, NK; Hitchcock, R; Brown, PG; Lerner, DL; Rucker, RP; Cianciolo, GJ; Good, RA; Haraguchi, S. A retroviral-derived peptide phosphorylates protein kinase D/protein kinase Cmu involving phospholipase C and protein kinase C. Peptides. 2003;24:631-637.  Abstract
  • Liao, HX; Cianciolo, GJ; Staats, HF; Scearce, RM; Lapple, DM; Stauffer, SH; Thomasch, JR; Pizzo, SV; Montefiori, DC; Hagen, M; Eldridge, J; Haynes, BF. Increased immunogenicity of HIV envelope subunit complexed with alpha2-macroglobulin when combined with monophosphoryl lipid A and GM-CSF. Vaccine. 2002;20:2396-2403.  Abstract
  • Cianciolo, GJ; Enghild, JJ; Pizzo, SV. Covalent complexes of antigen and alpha(2)-macroglobulin: evidence for dramatically-increased immunogenicity. Vaccine. 2001;20:554-562.  Abstract
  • Haraguchi, S; Cianciolo, GJ; Good, RA; James-Yarish, M; Brigino, E; Day, NK. Inhibition of interleukin-2 and interferon-gamma by an HIV-1 Nef-encoded synthetic peptide. AIDS. 1998;12:820-823.  Abstract
  • Brigino, E; Haraguchi, S; Koutsonikolis, A; Cianciolo, GJ; Owens, U; Good, RA; Day, NK. Interleukin 10 is induced by recombinant HIV-1 Nef protein involving the calcium/calmodulin-dependent phosphodiesterase signal transduction pathway. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA. 1997;94:3178-3182.  Abstract
  • Haraguchi, S; Good, RA; Cianciolo, GJ; Engelman, RW; Day, NK. Immunosuppressive retroviral peptides: immunopathological implications for immunosuppressive influences of retroviral infections. Journal of Leukocyte Biology. 1997;61:654-666.  Abstract
  • Haraguchi, S; Good, RA; James-Yarish, M; Cianciolo, GJ; Day, NK. Induction of intracellular cAMP by a synthetic retroviral envelope peptide: a possible mechanism of immunopathogenesis in retroviral infections. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA. 1995;92:5568-5571.  Abstract
  • Cianciolo, GJ. Antiinflammatory effects of neoplasms. Research in Immunology. 1993;144:268-271.  Abstract
  • Haraguchi, S; Good, RA; Cianciolo, GJ; James-Yarish, M; Day, NK. Transcriptional down-regulation of tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene expression by a synthetic peptide homologous to retroviral envelope protein. Journal of Immunology. 1993;151:2733-2741.  Abstract
  • Haraguchi, S; Good, RA; Cianciolo, GJ; Day, NK. A synthetic peptide homologous to retroviral envelope protein down-regulates TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma mRNA expression. Journal of Leukocyte Biology. 1992;52:469-472.  Abstract
  • Laurence, J; Kulkosky, J; Dong, B; Early, E; Snyderman, R; Cianciolo, GJ. A soluble inhibitor of T lymphocyte function induced by HIV-1 infection of CD4+ T cells: characterization of a cellular protein and its relationship to p15E. Cellular Immunology. 1990;128:337-352.  Abstract
  • Cianciolo, GJ; Copeland, TD; Oroszlan, S; Snyderman, R. Inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation by a synthetic peptide homologous to retroviral envelope proteins. Science. 1985;230:453-455.  Abstract
  • Cianciolo, GJ; Kipnis, RJ; Snyderman, R. Similarity between p15E of murine and feline leukaemia viruses and p21 of HTLV. Nature. 1984;311:515.  Abstract